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Saint Bridget School: A Catholic community that encourages love of God, respect for all, and academic excellence.

The Word of God
Rooted in prayer
Saint Bridget School and Parish Hall
Religious Education

Near the school is the Saint Lawrence Friary.  The building was originally built in 1965 as a convent for the Sisters of Divine Providence.  The sisters actually lived on the top floor of the school itself until 1966 when they moved into the new convent.  In 1980 the Sisters relocated to the campus of Saint Francis Xavier in South Weymouth, and the Capuchin Friars settled in to the former convent building.  Currently, this building is being used and maintained by the Saint Bridget chapter of Saint Vincent de Paul and houses their food bank.


In 1986 Cardinal Bernard Law celebrated Mass at the parish church to recognize the school’s twenty-fifth anniversary.  Over the years Saint Bridget School has graduated hundreds of students from Abington and surrounding area towns.  


All former and present parishioners can view with joy their accomplishment of providing education in a religious atmosphere for the children of Saint Bridget and neighboring parishes for more than four decades.  In addition to the classes offered in the parochial school, religious education classes are also held in the building.  The school at Saint Bridget Parish is in place to provide an atmosphere of positive education for many years to come.

One significant achievement in the history of Saint Bridget Parish is its parochial school - an illustration of the devotion and generosity of the parish members.  In 1958 Cardinal Richard J. Cushing gave permission to announce a School Building Fund.  Under the direction of Rev. Charles E. Riley, Pastor, members of the parish began their fundraising and pledge activities and achieved their goal of $425,000.00.  Construction of Saint Bridget School was begun in 1959 and completed in 1960.  The school, staffed by the Sisters of Divine Providence, opened in September 1961 with two first grade classes - numbering 92 students. 


With each successive year, a new grade was added until the full complement of eight grades was achieved.  Originally the school was organized to maintain two classrooms in each of the eight grades; however, the school presently has one classroom per grade level.  The classes held forty to fifty students in the early years; today the enrollment is limited to thirty in each grade level, including the full-day Kindergarten.  In 1996, a program for pre-schoolers was instituted.


Sister Mary Patrick was the Principal for the first six years followed by Sister Helen, Sister Mary June, Sister Mary Louis, and Sister Sandra Napier.  The first lay principal was Mr. Paul Gosselin. He was followed by Sister Mildred Morrissey, Mr. Thomas Levins and Mr. Joseph Cirigliano.  At present, Mr. Matthew Collins serves as Principal of the school.

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