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Policies are in place to maintain a safe and secure environment in our Early Childhood and Elementary programs. 
Tardy Policy


Excessive Tardiness disrupts classroom procedures and may cause loss of learning to a class. The first bell is rung at 8:00 am and classes begin promptly at 8:05 am. For excessive tardiness the following procedures are set in place:

  • After 5 tardies a call from the classroom teacher and notification that an additional tardy will warrant a detention. 

  • If not resolved a referral will be sent to the office.

  • If Tardiness is still not resolved the parents will meet with the principal.


Notifying School of Absence

A parent must notify the school before 8:30 am on the day of expected student absence. Calls from students regarding their own expected absence or that of a peer are not acceptable. The parent must briefly explain the student’s absence in a note, which the student will provide to the teacher upon return to school.

Based on individual teacher requirements, the student will complete and the teacher will approve all missed assignments.


Extended Absenteeism

Massachusetts’ law requires that a parent provide the school a doctor’s certificate if a student is (a) absent due to a contagious disease, or (b) absent for five or more consecutive days.


Excessive Absenteeism

Mastering the content of sequential curriculum requires that students attend classes with as few absences as possible. Missed school days are counter-productive. The school requires 85% attendance for promotion or graduation unless mitigating medical documentation is on file at the school. The school will report excessive absenteeism to the proper authorities for legal action.



Defined as the act of missing school without the knowledge of a parent, truancy is a serious infraction of school policy and is grounds for suspension. A student may not make up schoolwork during the unauthorized absence and will accept the academic consequences.


Snow Days

In the event of bad weather, parents/guardians should listen to major television and radio stations for the announcement for the closing of the Abington public schools.  Whatever the Abington schools do shall determine what Saint Bridget School shall do.  On delayed openings, our full day kindergarten will be in session.  Parents/guardians should not call the school.  If weather conditions will be very poor, parents/guardians should follow their own best judgment.

Bullying Policy




This Saint Bridget School Handbook, under the section dealing with newspaper articles, speaks of giving permission for student photographs to be used for publicity as well as the mechanism to rescind this permission.  The policy as stated in the Handbook will apply to photographs posted on the web site as well.  The Handbook has been read and the appropriate page has already been signed and returned to the school, by the appropriate family members.


At this time, we want to remind you that we are posting photographs on the web site.  This is to notify you that any child’s picture taken at a school event may be used on the school web site.  Your child may or may not be identified by his/her first name and/or first name with a last initial, depending on the photograph.  At no time will any child’s last name be used.  As these photographs will be updated frequently, you must understand that you will not receive a specific notice that your child’s photograph may be used on the web site.


This year we’ve tried to add another layer of protection for our students with regard to photographs.  Photographs on the St. Bridget School web site are copy write protected and will not be available for downloading.

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