**Reflects pricing for 2019-2020 School Year, subject to change**


Basic Tuition

The basic tuition for all students K-8 is as follows:


                                                TEN PAYMENTS       FOUR PAYMENTS    TWO PAYMENTS

1 child             $5,445.00        $544.50 per pay          $1,361.25 per pay     $2,722.50 per pay

2 children        $10,890.00      $1,089.00  “     “          $2,733.50  “     “          $5,445.00  “      “

3 children        $14,701.50      $1,470.15  “     “          $3,675.38  “     “          $7,350.75  “      “

4 children        $17,424.00      $1,742.40  “     “          $4,356.00  “     “          $8,712.00  “      “  


Each family is responsible for making timely payments in accordance with the payment plan selected through the FACTS TUITION PAYMENT SYSTEM.



Student Fees are $225.00 per student, capped at $500.00 per family. The $75.00 (non-refundable) deposit paid at re-registration/acceptance is applied to this fee. All student fees are due in full by July 1, 2020.



Each family is responsible for a $600.00 mandatory fundraising commitment from Preschool – Grade 8.  Choices are as follows: Full participation in the fundraising program. Each family will have a commitment to sell $600.00 worth of calendars. (30 at $20.00 each). **Preschool and Pre-K families who do not have older children in the school have a prorated scale for calendar sales.

     2 Days (Sell 10 Calendars) or $200.00 fee, 3 Days (Sell 15 Calendars) or $300.00 fee

     4 Days (Sell 25 Calendars) or $500.00 fee, 5 Days (Sell 30 Calendars) or $600.00 fee


Families that do not choose to participate in the fundraiser will pay their respective fee. This payment is due by December 1, 2020.



Designated positions are available to offset the cost of education and to fill positions that the school would be otherwise required to staff. Any family opting not to assist in one of these positions will pay an Assisting Fee of $500.00. This payment will be applied to your account on July 1st in order for the fee to be spread out over the payment plan you choose. 




If the STUDENT FEE (due July 1st) and 1st TUITION PAYMENT (due July 1st) have NOT been made, student will not be admitted to school on opening day.


One half of the “full tuition amount” must be paid by December 1, 2020 in order for students to be readmitted to school in January 2021.


8th grade student tuition must be paid “in full” by April vacation. If tuition is not paid in full, a student will not be readmitted until the situation is remedied.